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Shoe ~ A Love Story

Shoe ~ A Love Story

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Shoes are a topic most of us can agree are easy to talk about. We all wear them, they fit, they don’t fit, they look good, they look bad, and everything in between. Whether we are 10 pounds out of our comfort zone, ready to run a marathon or both, there is a certain friendship which fits a part of us that is consistent and distant from the rest of the sometimes problematic  areas of our bodies. Years ago someone told me that you can tell so much about a person by the shoes they are wearing. I alone have around sixty five pairs! Each one  has a story of a journey taken or yet to come. 

When I started this project, some were under the impression that it was a fashion story but really it’s a story about people. When I approached my gals to be in the book, I encouraged them to take out ALL of their shoes for the photo shoot. Inevitably when I arrived, there would be only a pretty selection of twenty or so pairs. With further nudging and digging, we were usually able to conjure up at least ten or so more, all of which usually came with a story of why they were buried away and why they hadn’t been let go.

Each photo was a creative effort put together by both the subject and the photographer, using elements of their lives and surroundings. I asked each to write a little story about their shoes and the results were just stunning. 

Many warm thank you’s go out to all of the ladies involved in the project and much love goes up to those in heaven who we’ve lost since these photos were taken. My mother Janet L. Adams, my dear friend Elizabeth Ashton, and to Julia Trethaway, teacher and mom, who I didn’t know well, but who was loved and adored by so many.

Please take your time and enjoy looking through these pages and remember to, once in a while, take a walk in another persons’ shoes.